Membership and Annual Pass Solutions

Sell individual passes or family memberships in our online, mobile, eConsignment, kiosk, and POS stores.

Memberships or passes may be defined with optional entitlements, which may include member discounting, exclusive pre-registration periods, and free admissions or registrations.

Membership Types

  • Annual or Season Pass
  • Individual Membership
  • Dual Memberships
  • Family Memberships
  • Patron+ Memberships
  • Renewals
  • Upgrades
  • Common Waterpark Addons

With the Convergence Integrated Platorm, new memberships are recognized instantly system wide. All of our POS systems, including Food and Beverage and Retail, accept and validate membership numbers to provide member pricing.

Our card processing allows clients to print pass cards on demand, including included family members, physical attributes, prerequisites, and photo ID. Alternatively, parks may choose to activate pre-printed cards for passes, and the pass information is displayed each time the pass card is scanned.

Our Membership Reports include
  • Expired Memberships
  • Memberships About to Expire
  • Membership Records Export
  • Memberships Sold in daterange
  • Membership Usage Detail and Summary
  • Online membership can be used instantly
  • Packages for upsell items
  • Membership form generator
  • Buy membership and use entitlements in same order
  • Membership tiering for selective discounting
  • Exclusive pre-registration periods for camps and events
  • Print annual pass cards on demand
  • Activate preprinted pass cards
  • Take and store Photo ID
  • Membership renewals and upgrades

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