eConsignment Solutions: is a premium provider and technology leader in the rapidly expanding market of online ticketing and group sales tools. Our eConsignment capability is integrated in our eTicketing Platform and perfect for group sales departments who are looking for the convenience of eTicketing and the power of selling all ticket types to help increase sales in their ticket consignment program.

Your participating organization will appreciate not having to handle tickets or cash. Your staff avoids time consuming end-of-season reconciliation. And unlike traditional consignment, each online sale grows your customer list.

Our eConsignment module can enroll and administer thousands of participating organizations. A private online ticket store with unique ticket selection, pricing, access, messaging, and co-branding is quickly generated for each member organization. Our system supports discount buy-downs or commissions, allowing your group sales to attract a variety of organizations. With our built-in email communications and our marketing flyer upload / download capabilities, your staff can efficiently market to administrators of each participating organization to stimulate sales and promote special events.

Targeted Accounts

  • AAA's
  • Corporations
  • Credit Unions
  • Hotels
  • Local Companies
  • Military
  • Non-Profits
  • Schools
  • Youth Groups

Benefits to Using eConsignment
Easy - No handling of tickets or cash by group administrators – avoid year-end reconciliations
Affordable - Pays for itself with reduced handling and sales costs with electronic delivery of tickets and flyers
Powerful - Tailor programs for key accounts with special tickets, pricing, messaging, and branding
Scalable - Manage thousands of accounts and their private online stores with ease
Flexible - Supports discount buy-downs, fundraising, and purchase orders
Timely - Sign-up new accounts, create their private ticket store, and start selling in just minutes

  • Employees purchase tickets online 24/7
  • Online enrollment for thousands of Group Sales clients
  • Private group stores instantly created
  • Enhance your customer lists with online consignment sales
  • Immediate cash flow to your bank account
  • Electronic flyer distribution
  • Support for credit union or AAA in-branch sales
  • Web-based reports directly accessible by each group
  • New tickets instantly created and available
  • Sell admissions, special events, Memberships/season passes, gift certificates, school and public registrations, and party packages
  • PO capability for qualified groups
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